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July 6, 2020

Niebrugge Scholarship Awards $40,000 to Effingham County Graduates

Top Row, L-R: Kaylie Allred, Madison Blacker, Audra Breer, Zoe Bridges, Megan Bushue, Mikenzi Bushue, Alex Deters, Allison Deters, Reilly Durham, Maria Dust, Brynn Flack
Middle Row, L-R: Stetson Green, Angel Harrington, Alexander Hartke, Taylor Hartke, Keira Hirtzel, Courtney Hoene, Kaitlyn Holste, Leah Jansen, Donovan Kitten, Micah McWhorter, Jared Minor
Bottom Row, L-R: Allison Niebrugge, Claire Niebrugge, Tate Niebrugge, Joseph Niemerg, Molly Niemerg, Fred O’Bryan, Scott Rentfrow, Morgan Repking, Colton Starwalt, Ashley Thompson, Olivia Witteborg

Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of the Ray, Mary, and Tim Niebrugge Scholarship. Scholarships totaling $40,000 have been awarded to 33 students from high schools in Effingham County.

Beecher City High School: Olivia Witteborg

Dieterich High School: Molly Niemerg

Effingham High School: Kaylie Allred, Madison Blacker, Zoe Bridges, Megan Bushue, Mikenzi Bushue, Reilly Durham, Maria Dust, Brynn Flack, Stetson Green, Angel Harrington, Keira Hirtzel, Kaitlyn Holste, Jared Minor, Tate Niebrugge, and Fred O’Bryan.

St. Anthony High School: Allison Niebrugge and Scott Rentfrow

Teutopolis High School: Audra Breer, Allison Deters, Alex Deters, Taylor Hartke, Alexander Hartke, Courtney Hoene, Leah Jansen, Donovan Kitten, Micah McWhorter, Claire Niebrugge, Joseph Niemerg, Morgan Repking, Colton Starwalt, and Ashley Thompson.

The Ray, Mary and Tim Niebrugge Scholarship is open to all current students and alumni of high schools in Effingham County. It was established by Tim Niebrugge, the son of Ray and Mary Niebrugge of Green Creek. Ray Niebrugge inherited a tract of land from his father, John, and continued reinvesting in the farm for more than 40 years. Tim farmed the ground after his parents passed away until his own death on September 22, 2006. Tim was never married and had no children. Tim established this trust to help Effingham County students with financial need continue their education.

The Niebrugge Farm was the first gift of farmland through the Community Foundation’s Fields of Opportunity program. Fields of Opportunity puts the Community Foundation in a unique position to receive and retain gifts of farmland and use the available income to benefit local charities that make the community a stronger and better place to live. Retaining local ownership of farmland means wealth generated stays with local tenants, circulating throughout the community.

The fund has awarded more than $375,000 in scholarships over the past 10 years. The Fields of Opportunity program will ensure that scholarship funds will continue to be made in perpetuity.

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