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November 16, 2011

Friends of St. Anthony’s Receive Grant from BP/Meyer Oil to Benefit Pediatric Patients

The Friends of St. Anthony’s recently received a $6,250 grant from BP/Meyer Oil to benefit pediatric patients at St. Anthony’s. Through BP’s Fueling Communities Program, St. Anthony’s was nominated for the grant by Randy and Kate Meyer and Meyer Oil Company. The grant is being facilitated through the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation.

When nominating St. Anthony’s for the grant, Randy and Kate Meyer wanted the grant funds to be used to benefit children. With their wish in mind, the Friends of St. Anthony’s are establishing the “Hugs & Cuddles Program” for small children who have surgery at St. Anthony’s. The program will provide a teddy bear to children having surgery at St. Anthony’s, giving them a furry friend to cuddle prior to their surgery and to comfort them as they recover after their surgery. Each child will get to take their teddy bear home with them as well, to remind them of their bravery.

Jane Brummer, Outpatient Surgery supervisor, expressed her gratitude for the teddy bears and the comfort they will bring children having surgery. Brummer explained, “Being in a hospital and having surgery is a scary time for children. It will greatly help relieve these children’s anxiety by having a teddy bear to comfort them before and after their surgery,” she said.

Randy Meyer shared his feelings on how St. Anthony’s intends to use these donated funds from BP and Meyer Oil. “I think the “Hugs & Cuddles Program” with the teddy bears is an imaginative idea that exceeds anything I was hoping to achieve when we chose St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital as the recipient of this first donation,” he said.

The BP Fueling Communities program provides grants to local organizations that are nominated by BP’s Branded Marketers to support the communities in which they do business. Fueling Communities gives back to local organizations that support health, education, youth, food, and housing to spread charity and goodwill.

The Friends of St. Anthony’s, the fundraising organization of St. Anthony’s, was established to ensure the continuing growth, stability and future of health care in this region. For more information about the Friends of St. Anthony’s, contact the Community Relations department at 347-1275.

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